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3 of the best markets in Istanbul (EN)

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Make yourself ready for a sweat-drenched workout. Shopping like a local on the best markets in Istanbul! Discover our favorite bazaars for food, clothes and souvenirs…


All you need is two kilos of tomatoes, a vintage fur and an “original” Turkish carpet? Sali Pazari, in Kadiköy, is the right address. Located on the Asian Side, in the neighborhood of Hasanpasa, you’ll find various kinds of fresh fruits, all shades of greens and creamy white cheese there… Plus every single piece a common Turkish household needs. The huge market place is also the territory of vendors with cheap and messy second hand stuff. Do not miss quick-and-dirty gold digging in the piles of clothes for one lira each. Beware: Shanel and Abidas

Hasanpasa, Sali Pazari (Monday and Friday), go there by minibus from Kadiköy ferry port

Kitchen knifes, sneaker, tons of fabric and and and…

White eggplants from Erzurum – discover extraordinary turkish foods at Kadiköy Market


From dusk till dawn. The villagers from the Black Sea region Kastamonu travel all night to arrive with the first sunbeam in Istanbul. A long way from home but well worth it: especially for the customers. The crowd pilgrimage from all over Istanbul to the small side street of Kasimpasa, where Kastamonu Pazari is located. Depending to the season, you can get wild berries, various kinds of aromatic mushrooms, scented flowers as well as bread, cheese and homemade marmalade for a true black sea breakfast.Try that: Eksi mayali ekmek – buy thick slices of this massive sourdough bread.

Kasimpasa, Kastamonu Pazari (Sunday), walk down from Tarlabasi to Toprak Tabya Sokak (close to Sururi Park)

Wild Berries and juicy lemons: find the best seasonal products at Kastamonu Bazaar


Constructed more than 500 years ago, Grand Bazaar was once the center of international and local trade in Istanbul. Today degenerated into a 1001-Nights-Disney-Land, the remarkable architecture of one of the largest roofed markets in the world is nevertheless a highlight. Strolling along the endless paths, you will find a wide range of souvenirs like lanterns, jewelry and lush silk fabrics. Dive into the crowd and try to forget the taste of oriental cliché.Tip: Come with us to a guided city tour and experience the bazaar’s backstage.

Sultanahmet, Kapali Pazari (closed on Sunday), Tram T1 to Beyazit-Kapalicarsi

Der Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. © Schultheiss