Season greetings from Istanbul The joy of living between two cultures defies all other feelings and can only be described with one word: happiness. A stroll through Munich during the Christmas season is enough to bring back fond memories and the feeling of longing for past times. Over the last few years, these memories inspired…

New Years Concert – January 1, 2020 at 6.30pm

Nihan Devecioglu & Sasha Agranov Voices, Cello and Electronics Entrance: 50 TL A Voyage of Strings woven through Vocal Chords. Traditional and Original Poetry and Music in hebrew and turkish, processed by electronic effects and loops. Two musicians coming from two important ports of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Haifa and Istanbul,  both sharing a background of a second generation immigrant families. Expressed through their music and  poetry is a continuous search for identity and longing for a Home. Having followed their families journey for a better life, they met in Europe, and discovered a common ground;  the search for freedom and purity in sound and poetry. Through their music they manage to evoke a deep connection with the audience, looking for new forms of  Performance by using the space in an original way.