Off to Asia!

Kadiköy is a district of Istanbul on the Asian part of the metro pole, where the settlement began 2700 years ago and herewith the history of the city.

The area on the waterfront was considered to be the most beautiful and lively place of the metro pole. Our trip begins with a walk to the famous Galata Bridge, where we will cross the sea with the ferry. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes and goes along the Sultan palace and gives you a new perspective on the historical peninsula and on the Marmara Sea. Istanbulians call the Asian side “Anatolian side”, which is very animate and moving at the same time. The generous gangway of Kadiköy, where hundreds of people meet for a promenade every day, leads to the oldest and the most beautiful marketplace. Here you need all senses to be able to understand all the details. You can find handmade spoons from boxwood, delicious honey kinds, fresh fish, antique plates and the inimitable shouts of the dealers. In the middle of the crowd there is a small Armenian church. Leaving the market we are heading off to the beautiful part of Kadiköy, “Moda”. This name is based on the Latin expression “modus” and denotes a residential area, which was the favorite refuge from the Levantines. Moreover, “Moda” is still considered as one of the most modern and liberal districts of Istanbul. There you can find picturesque places, for example a holy source in the cellar of a fish restaurant or a Villa of a Turkish pianist, which is an homage to the Alfred-Hitchcock Film. From one of the most famous tea gardens of Moda, you can enjoy the splendid view on the Princes Islands. Finally you will be going back to the wonderful market, where you can finalize the trip with the culinary paradise “Ciya”, which is a restaurant, specialized in Anatolian food.

  • Meeting Point: Manzara reception
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 40 €
  • Participants: at least 6 people, max. 10 people

We kindly request registration before 6 pm at the day before the tour takes place the reception of MANZARA ISTANBUL or at