The Bazaars

Istanbul’s bazaar area is like a mirrow of the city itself: Manifold and hectic, breathtaking and chaotic at the same time.

At the bazaars ottoman handicraft meets globalisation, orient meets occident, the past meets the modern, romanticism meets function and kitsch meets design. But many who are visiting the bazaar area for the first time are put off by the crowd, the chaos and the trumpery made for the tourists as well as by some marketeers insistently targeting their goods. In order that it does not happen to you, Manzara offers a special tour for bazaar beginners. Manzara is going to guide you through the confusing labyrinth of the bazaar area. The tour starts at the tool bazaar and leads over to the fish market and the Galata bridge. You will then visit the Spice Bazaar and the flower and animal market which is located right next to it. From there you dive into the lively and narrow streets surrounding the Grand Bazaar. You are going to visit jewellery manufacturers, the workshops of brand fakers and spinneries where they spin golden thread. You can observe how some of the last remaining artisans like carpetmakers, coppersmiths and silver casters are working or you can rummage in the colorful shops of the Afghans which are hidden in the attics of the bazaar. We will show you all the hidden spots. On the tour through the old Hans she will also tell anecdotes out of the history of the bazaars. Have a glass of tea and listen to the marketeers, without being obligated to buy anything. Those who want to take home more than the interesting stories about the area, will get some shopping tips from the bazaar expert: from splendiferous carpets over colorful fabrics to quaint antiques and souvenirs. Dive into the delightful flashy, colorful and noisy world of the oriental markets with its history, its people and above all with its manifold treasures!

  • Meeting Point: Manzara reception
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 40 €
  • Participants: at least 6 people, max. 10 people

We kindly request registration before 6 pm at the day before the tour takes place the reception of MANZARA ISTANBUL or at