Üsküdar and Kuzguncuk

On this tour we will take the ferry to Üsküdar, the old golden town on the Asian side. On the way we pass the Maiden’s Tower, the legendary lighthouse off the coast.

After having arrived at Üsküdar, you will take the so called “Dolmus” (Turkish minibus) to reach Kuzguncuk. For centuries this little district has been a sign of friendship between people with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Kuzguncuk hosts people from different religions and traditions such as Armenians, Orthodox’s and Jews. Here you can find small wooden houses and tiny Café’s, which will let you feel like being in a little village, although you are in the middle of a metro pole. You will visit the famous Armenian Church and walk along the historical streets. After having had a little tea or coffee break, we will head back to Üsküdar. There you will visit the Sakirin Mosque, which is considered as Turkey’s most modern mosque. In addition you will continue your trip with another mosque, which is situated on the hills of Üsküdar, the Valide Atik Mosque, constructed by the famous Architect Mimar Sinan. Moreover, on your way back to the center of Üsküdar, you will find various little shops and antiques dealers. You might have become hungry after having visited so many places. If so, you can finally pamper yourself by enjoying the Ottoman Kitchen in the popular restaurant “Kanaat”.

  • Meeting Point: Manzara reception
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Price: 40 €
  • Participants: at least 6 people, max 10 people

We kindly request registration before 6 pm at the day before the tour takes place the reception of MANZARA ISTANBUL or at tours@manzara-istanbul.com.