the special Manzara atmosphere

A saying says “Start like a Turk, finish like a German”. With Erdogan and Gabi two people found each other to reflect this saying truly. Together they dedicate themselves with all of their energy to their role as hosts and cultural middlemen for the Manzara vision, friends and guests always supporting and complementing one another perfectly. But beware: their love for Istanbul is contagious!

Creating intercultural networks between east and west, orient and occident: that is the aim of the Manzara Istanbul Project. Currently the number of staff members adds up to about 30 people; everyone working on the realization of this vision.

By becoming an intercultural bridge between Istanbul and Europe, Manzara wants to bring culture interested people together in one of the most exciting metropolis the world has to offer.

Some of you may remember the beginnings of Manzara: a handful of homes, personally guided tours through the city, long talks in the Meyhanes around the corner.

Meanwhile, we have grown: More than 50 apartments, an art and residency house with changing exhibitions, an extensive range of individual city tours, many facilities and events have been added. By talking to our guests, we went to break new ground and have implemented unconventional ideas into action.

Change is good and important, but our basic principle will not change: we care about our guests and maintain the special Manzara atmosphere.