Learning from Istanbul Ausstellung 1. Mai 2014

Ausstellung vom Hendrik Bohle DIE AUSSTELLUNG Die Ausstellung “Learning from Istanbul – The Use and Appropriation of Urban Space” zeigt Ausschnitte eines umfassenden Kompendiums, das während des 1. Manzara Architekten Stipendiums 2013 entstand. Die Sammlung wirft einen detaillierten Blick auf die informellen Struk- turen und performativen Handlungsweisen Istanbuls. Die Abwesenheit staatlicher Reglementierungen und das türkische…

art and living spaces

Initiated in November 2008, Manzara Perspectives organises and curates exhibitions in the premises of Manzara Istanbul. In addition to the holiday apartments, we use a spacious flat in the Suriye Pasajı on Istiklal Caddesi and an exhibition space in Tatar Beyi Sokak.
In the holiday apartments we realise a series of solo exhibitions. We invite local and international artists to reflect on this specific situation “art and living spaces” by positioning already existing works in these rooms or by creating new works for this context.
The idea of presenting art in living spaces is so close to decoration that the respective positioning of art determines whether “art should have a rather decorative or more theoretical function and how coherent the artwork interacts with the place.” (J. Stahl)
The artworks are part of the apartments for a couple of month.

With this exhibition series we want to question how ideas and intentions of the artists can be transferred into habitation contexts without appearing stabled or being reduced to a pleasant blur of color. And we want to question how contents can assert themselves in determined spaces or even find their ideal context/field in this surrounding. After the opening the flats are used in their usual function as holiday apartments but those who are interested can visit by appointment.

Since November 2008 Arne Uebel, Suat Öğüt, Nancy Atakan, Gamze Özer and Sena Başöz have created new works for these contexts or presented already existing works in different flats.

In the rooms of the Suriye Pasajı we curate big group or solo exhibitions with local and international artists twice or three times a year.