Each and every life is unique, endowed with a very particular meaning. No single individual is like any other. Nevertheless, what brings us all together as humans is our desire for a happy life filled with love and respect, to be lived freely. Such a framework is constructed by that sublime collectivity which is the society. Rules are established lest this society should work. There is an unavoidable fate and some intermediary areas of escape which allow us to shape our lives as we wish. However, one needs imagination, courage, comfort and above all, self confidence as well as confidence in one’s companions in order to realize the dreams of his/her life. With the abundance it offers every day that helps us meet our daily vital needs, Nature supports and rewards us on this journey.
We cannot program our lives, but we can shape them! This is a great task, entailing great responsibility as we constantly influence others’ lives in our actions whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether on an insignificant or a considerable level.