This exhibition was inspired by the yearning I feel for my childhood. Every year, when the warm spring breeze touches my face, the child within me wakes up and wants to play, giving me the the urge to fly kites.
Around this symbol of kite, a wonderful concept has formed with many diverse elements in the course of the last six months. The core element of the exhibition is my own childhood. But it has the potential to expand so as to include others’ childhoods as well.
As the efforts for the preparation of this exhibition have progressed, we have seen that it is much comprehensive, arduous and costly. Unfortunately, it seems that the contributions of our friends who are investing their efforts into this project will not be sufficient to realize it.
If you appreciate this project of mine, you could make your own contributions and provide active support for the realization of this exhibition.
In return of your contributions, you will be receiving special gifts from SUPA-Manzara. We are offering various Manzara products as well as some of my original paintings for you to choose from.
The names of the contributors will be mentioned in all of the materials intended for the publicity of the exhibiton, too.
Although it is still in the preparation process, the exhibition has already started to draw considerable interest. The exhibition venue, located in the heart of Beyoglu renders the exhibition a center of attention for the whole area. Many colorful and gleamy kites installed throughout the passage will attract people from the Istiklal Avenue into the passage, day and night. Then, we will witness together how the yearning that people feel for their childhoods is reawakened, how people come together and tell stories to each other. This project is meant to pay homage to this unique city and its people.
Come on and take part in this endeavor! Let’s give Istanbul, this great city which has brought us together and where our lives intersect, a unique present.
The whole YEARNING exhibition team would like to express their thanks in advance for your contributions.


Andrea- und Werner Hiering
City Companion

Jeanette v. Alvensleben und Ruppert Niethammer

Adnan Altindis – Flowercompany

Jörg Brase

12x 30x45 cm Paintings prepared specially for the exhibition 300,- Euro
8x 50x70 cm Paintings prepared specially for the exhibition 400,- Euro
3x 70x100 cm Paintings prepared specially for the exhibition 550,- Euro
1x 120x180 cm Paintings prepared specially for the exhibition 2.000,- Euro
2x SUPA booking, evening (for celebrations, parties, etc.)700,- Euro
2x SUPA booking, all day, weekend550,- Euro
2x SUPA booking, all day, weekdays400,- Euro
50x SUPA culinary event admission ticket35,- Euro
30x SUPA concert event admission ticket20,- Euro
30x SUPA event admission ticket15,- Euro
50x SUPA Party Event20,- Euro
50x SUPA workshops20,- Euro
5x Accommodation in Manzara Istanbul Flats350,- Euro
5x Accommodation in Manzara Ayvalik Houses350,- Euro
15x Ayvalık Olive Oil 5 lt100,- Euro
20x Ayvalık Olive Oil 3lt60,- Euro
50x Ayvalık Olive Oil 1lt20,- Euro
5x Pouf250,- Euro
5x Manzara furniture450,- Euro
20x Cushions by Manzara25,- Euro
10x Copper Pomegranates15,- Euro
10x Hamam towels25,- Euro
5x Rugs200,- Euro