Upon moving to Germany to live with his father when he was only 11 years old, Erdogan sees new perspectives open up before him: After completing his prior education, he succeeds in graduating from the university. He becomes an independent individual, having assumed the responsibility of his own life now.
His pockets are filled with a fortunate life adorned with new chances and opportunities in Munich on the one hand and his memories of a childhood spent in Kayseri, marked by a feeling of freedom and joy of life; the wealth stemming from the strength owed to his mother’s love and affection, on the other.
Erdogan had conceived at a young age that a life spent between two cultures is a gift that enriches one’s life rather than an insurmountable fate one has to surrender to. In his youth, he had accompanied foreign workers in their doctor’s appointments as an interpreter to help them communicate themselves more clearly and organized trips to Turkey for his fellow university students in an effort to introduce his home country to them.

“Now, are you German or Turkish?”

What a question! Erdogan is both. He neither wants to, nor would be able to deny his Turkish roots. And he always mentions the opportunities which were offered to him in Germany in gratitude. Both countries have deeply influenced his existence. He discovers that the distance to each end of the bridge is the shortest when he stands in the middle. Since the moment at which he accepted that being influenced by two cultures is a liberating wealth rather than a burden which causes one to be torn between them, this Truth has always accompanied him.
Receiving his energy and joy of life from being a bicultural individual, he brings out new synergies. For instance, born out of such a gesture about 25 years ago, his project MANZARA has brought thousands of guests to Turkey, primarily from Germany.


In recent years, Turkish-German relationships have been going through a difficult period. Pointing to the fact that political diversities should not erode human relationships has never been so important as it is today. These are the very days for us to make efforts for moving towards each other.
With this Project, Erdogan Altindis wishes to show that when we free ourselves from the obstacles and biases we build over time and surrender ourselves solely to our wishes and yearnings, the children within thrust their hands to one another and unite.

The large scale kite installation jointly prepared by the tenants of Suriye Passage is solid proof that collective passion felt by people for a certain cause is sufficient for bringing them together, crossing borders and shaping our human ways. The preparatory efforts for the exhibition have been carried out in joy. The collective artwork YEARNING has been brought out in an atmosphere of light-heartedness and naiveté.