As children, we act purely and simply based on our instincts. Every single day of childhood is full of excitement and adventuruous discovery. Our connection to and the sympathy we feel for those who are the closest to us are what shape this experience fundamentally. With each passing day, we get to understand more of the world, but at the same time our sense of trust and security diminishes. And as time passes by and we get older, our perception and our understanding of dimensions of life go through many changes. The very first strawberry ice-cream we taste feels like an exceptional festival to our palate, or the untended yard at the end of that road is like a perilous jungle where wild animals run rampant in our imagination. Over time, our enthusiasm for all these simple gifts of life wears away. To such an extent that we start believing that magical gardens exist only in fantasy and we follow food scouts’ recommendations about what is pleasing to the mouth and what is not. We do not even perceive the bounty of nature’s gifts or notice that cute little kid living next door, because that kid is a stranger to our personal lives and agendas. We are all affected by extraneous influences. While some of these influences have an enriching effect, some others have a blocking effect; they make us feel frightened, give rise to biases and prevent us from living light-mindedly and light-heartedly like we once did.
A child does not ask herself if her playmate is Muslim or Christian; Kurdish, Armenian or a foreigner; disabled or fully functioning. A child is a child and enjoys life. A child’s thoughts are not yet soiled with all those prejudices which subsequently overtake and wear us out.
What kind of an energy does that child within bring out? This exhibition will provide insight in answering this question and guide as well as encourage us in discovering our own answers.
With the aim of emphasizing the power of the child within to unite and encourage us for collective living, it draws on the universal language of humanity, that is, art.
Its purpose is to offer an opportunity to catch on the carefree and light-hearted days of our childhoods even if only momentarily and then to possibly integrate that mode of existence into our present lives as adults.