Our love for Istanbul is contagious!

Erdogan Altindis is the founder of Manzara Istanbul. With his identity as a turk and german, and architect and painter he is used to cross borders. With Kayseri as his birthplace and Munich as the city he grew up, he dedicates himself with great enthusiasm to move between the cultures. Manzara Istanbul is the realization of an old wish. With joy and enthusiasm he puts his countless ideas into action everyday.

Gabriele Kern-Altindis is the creative talent of organization at Manzara. She uses her 20 years of experience in the business of project management for renowned architecture agencies and their international projects professionally and with a sense of details for all areas of Manzara. Doing that, she sets a special focus on the individual and personal consulting of every guest. With lots of ambition she dedicates herself also to the design of the rooms by contributing to the special Manzara style.